JCM Taiko

JCM Taiko

Taiko, meaning 'drum' in Japanese, is a bill acceptor from JCM featuring their unique, high security drum winding technology. This technology transports banknotes and acts as a powerful anti-fishing mechanism by rotating and tangling any foreign object attached to the note.

In addition to this patented feature, Taiko offers the high anti-fraud integrity associated with all JCM products, utilising a bank note anti-pull-back system and high quality counterfeit protection.

The JCM Taiko is small, light and door-mountable with a clip on style, making it easy to transport, install, remove and integrate into a wide range of applications.


    • · Innovative drum winding technology
      · Automatic re-validation
      · Dip-switch selectable interface
      · CE approval
      · Combined anti-fishing mechanisms - drum, lever and optical sensor
      · Validation methods - transparency, reflection (red, blue, IR & NIR) and optical (4 wavelengths)
      · "Rainbow" full colour LED faceplate - pattern changeable via dip switch
      · MDB, serial, pulse, parallel and ccTalk protocols
      · Available in European configuration [Pub 7] or USA configuration with magnetic head [Pub 11]

    • · DIMENSIONS 100mm W x 98mm D x 88mm H
      · WEIGHT 0.6 kg
      · INTERFACE OPTIONS MDB, Serial, Pulse, Parallel and ccTalk protocols
      · POWER REQUIREMENTS 12vdc 1.4 A Maximum
      · NOTE WIDTHS 62mm - 82mm
      · ACCEPTANCE RATENo less than 90%
      · VALIDATION SPEED 2.8 seconds per note
      · BANKNOTE LENGTH 120 - 160mm
      · MEMORY SIZE 8M Flash
      · NO. OF DENOMINATIONS 25 x denominations /4 ways

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