JCM Vega RC Twin

The new Vega 'Twin' will be launched in Q1 2013. The latest additional to the Vega family of products, JCM Vega RC Twin enables the recycling of two banknote denominations.

The JCM Vega RC Twin has an instant attraction to existing Vega RC users, as the Twin note recycler unit will retrofit to the JCM Vega head, requiring only a simple firmware upgrade.

It has the ability to hold and recycle two bank notes, with a capacity of 30 bills in each denomination

The JCM Vega RC Twin model is only 20mm taller than the original Vega RC, so that upgrading machine cabinets to the dual note functionality should not present any problems to existing Vega users.

The Twin RC unit offers a number of technical and security enhancements that make the note validation and repayment process fast and efficient.


    • · VEGA‐RC Twin is a compact note recycler for two denominations (30 notes each)
      · Only 20mm more in height than VEGA-RC single denomination recycler
      · Width and depth remain the same as VEGA‐RC single drum
      · Field upgradable from VEGA‐RC single drum to VEGA‐RC Twin
    • · SECURITY: Banknotes cannot be accessed when the rear cover is open
      · DENOMINATIONS: Twin drum recycler, one per denomination

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