JCM UBA Recycler

Featuring a UBA Acceptor Head plus the new UBA Note Recycle Unit, this product combines unrivalled security with all the advantages of bank note payout.

UBA RC features a new CPU board and 2 recycler compartments, each with the capacity to hold up to 100 notes. Like the cashbox, the recycler is both lockable and removable, and the Roller Friction System allows manual refilling of notes directly into the recycler cassette. The number of notes refilled can be entered via ID-003 commands from the maintenance menu on the machine.

The UBA Recycler is simple to maintain on site and offers all the cost efficiency and time saving benefits associated with recycling units. With the combination of cash box and recycler cassettes, it holds up to 600 bank notes within a very compact overall size.


    • · Roller Friction system provides easy operation and maintenance of Recycle Unit
      · Automatic centering increases bill acceptance efficiency
      · holds up to 600 banknotes
      · Features JCM patented anti-Pullback mechanism, providing powerful protection
      · Recycle Unit can be manually refilled
      · Recycle Unit contains 2 compartments, each with a capacity of up to 100 notes
      · Accepts up to 50 notes in 4 ways
      · Cashbox is durable and impact resistant
      · Uses ID-003 interface complete with recycling commands
      · Both cashbox and Recycle Unit are lockable and removeable
    • · DIMENSIONS 114mm W x 237mm D x 442.7mm H
      · WEIGHT 10 kg (empty)
      · INTERFACE OPTIONS RS-232C, Photo Coupler
      · RECYCLING CAPACITY Up to 200 notes
      · NOTE WIDTHS 62mm - 82mm
      · ACCEPTANCE RATE 98% or higher
      · VALIDATION SPEED 3 seconds per note
      · POWER SUPPLY HARNESS Part No 47200645
      · CONNECTOR HARNESS Part No 47200646

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