JCM Blue Wave 2.0

JCM Blue Wave 2.0

Eurocoin is proud to launch the new BlueWave handheld programming device from JCM!

The BlueWave is the ideal tool for engineers, allowing firmware uploads and upgrades to all JCM products via a simple USB or Serial connection, in real-time at the machine.

Every JCM model that uses USB or Serial interface can now be programmed using the same handheld, portable, battery operated download device. This includes the WBA, UBA, EBA, Taiko, TBV, Vega and the new iVizion.

Lightweight and efficient, BlueWave utilises removable SD Card technology for the transfer of software protocols directly to the bill validator. Battery status, download progress and any download faults are indicated by LEDs.

Each BlueWave 2.0 comes complete with USB cable and 2GB SD card, Serial cables and adaptors must be requested in addition.


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