EBA Compatible Bezel For Taiko

EBA Compatible Bezel For Taiko

This bezel is an ideal solution for replacing EBA 22 series validators with a new Taiko validator.

The bezel retrofits all former EBA 22 machine cabinet cut outs and enables a JCM Taiko to be retrofitted to your device.

The bezel is available in 68mm, 71mm and 76/83mm note widths.

The 76mm/83mm  bezel is suitable for use with the GBP £20 banknote.

· Simple upgrade path to JCM Taiko
· Fits all existing EBA bezel cutouts
· Available to suit most currencies

  • JCM
  • 3M
  • Future Logic
  • Kortek
  • Slot Tikets
  • Fujitsu
  • Advantech
  • Custom
  • Symcode
  • Azkoyen
  • Thomas
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