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PCT Custom Glass Made Easy

Adding a customised cover glass to your display can is easier than you think. At Eurocoin we can develop Projective Capacitive Touch glass to suite your design requirements. Adding a simple logo or a customer colour or shape is all possible and can then be expertly integrated onto a Eurocoin industrial display solution

It's As Easy As 1-2-3...

(1) Confirm the display size you require

Eurocoin have already developed touch film options for 10.1",19", 21.5", 23", 23.8", 27" and 32" displays
Work with the Eurocoin team to confirm your design requirements
Colour, logo, outer dimensions and glass thickness

(2) Tailor your touch and display requirements

Number of touch points, actions on Palm Read, display signal inputs and customer firmware requirements and voltage

(3) Fit to machine and admire!

Eurocoin will provide you a complete out-of-the-box custom solution, designed for you by Europe's leading industrial touch and display specialist

Contact our sales team

for more information on

PCT with Custom Glass

Eurocoin - taking TFT displays to

the next level...

Bill acceptors

Bill acceptors

A wide variety of Bill acceptors, reputable manufacturers.

Touch monitors

Touch monitors

Touch Monitors - quality that meets all Your needs.

Q.U.E. Ticket Printers

Q.U.E. Ticket Printers

Q.U.E. Epic - always available for You...

3M Touchscreens

3M Touchscreens

High quality 3M Touchscreens on stock, please call us.


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